NC Criminal Court Motions

Motion for Appropriate Relief (Felony Larceny Pled in District Court) (Lebedev, A.) (relief granted on Issue II)
Motion for Appropriate Relief (Illegal Sentence) (Lebedev, A.) (never filed due to client communication issues)
Motion for Appropriate Relief (Officer's Name Not Identified on Information) (Lebedev, A.)
Motion to Dismiss (Collateral Estoppel) (Lebedev, A.) (prosecutor voluntarily dismissed charge)
Motion to Dismiss (Irreperable Prejudice due to Unlawful License Suspension) (Arnold, J.) (motion granted; exhibits not included)
Motion for District Court Recordation (Lebedev, A.)
Motion for Discovery (Meier, D.)
Motion for Bill of Particular (Impaired Revocation Theory) (Lebedev, A.)
Motion to Preclude Grossly Aggravating Factor and Aggravating Factor (Lebedev, A.) (motion never heard due to client accepting plea offer)
Motion for Production of EMS Records (Lebedev, A.)
Motion to Reconsider Conditions of Pre-Trial Release (Lebedev, A.) (relief granted)
Motion to Strike Surpulsage (Exact Speed Defendant was Driving) (Lebedev, A.)
Motion to Suppress - Unlawful Search (Heroy, R.)
Motion to Suppress Fruits of Search Warrant (Heroy, R.)
Motion to Supress (Marijuana Order Post Hemp Legalization) (Elledge, P.)
Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (No Timely Probable Cause Hearing) (Lebedev, A.) (writ allowed; criminal charge ultimately dismissed)
Petition for Writ of Certiorari to Review Expungement Denial (Lebedev, A.) (ultimate relief granted)

NC Criminal Court Orders

Order Allowing Writ of Certiorari (Improper Amendment of Speeding Citation) (Judge Ridgeway)
Order Dismissing Matter (Irreperable Prejudice due to Unlawful License Suspension) (Judge Collins)
Order Allowing Motion to Suppress (Marijuana Order Post Hemp Legalization) (Judge O'Foghludha)

Immigration Court and BIA Motions

Motion for Bond Reconsideration (Lebedev, A.)
Motion to Reconsider based on Matter of AB III (Lebedev, A.)
Motion to Reopen (Niz-Chavez Issue and VAWA Prima Facie Approval) (Lebedev, A.) (attachments not included)
Request for Prosecutorial Discretion (Rivera, P.)

NC Civil Materials

Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief (Production of Police Records for Presenting U-1 Visa and VAWA Relief) (Lebedev, A.) (records produced under protective order; Raleigh Police Department expressed disapproval that special proceeding was not filed; NC Court of Appeals suggested civil action is proper remedy)
Consent Protective Order (Production of Police Records for Presenting U-1 Visa and VAWA Relief) (Lebedev, A.)
Divorce Judgment (Russian Repudiation of Hague Convention) (Lebedev, A.)
Letter to NCSBI to Restore Firearms Rights for One Convicted of Assault on a Female (Lebedev, A.) (firearm purchase bar lifted)
Letter to NCSBI to Restore Firearms Rights for One Whose Charges Were Vacated and Expunged (Lebedev, A.) (firearm purchase bar lifted)

Other Materials

Letter to Raleigh Police Department Explaining How Armed Robbery is a Crime of False Imprisonment for U-Visa Purposes (Lebedev, A.)

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